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Charakter Test, Doping Test

IFR CHARACTER TEST 01.06.2024 Saturday




Adult dogs can only qualify for the title of World Winner if they passed a character test the day before and in this case on 01.06.2024



It is possible to enter the character test until the entry closing of the IFR World Winner show.  To enter, please send a two-page copy of the dog’s pedigree to the email address:  Submitting entries after the entry close (not even at the venue) is NOT POSSIBLE!



DOPING TEST 02.06.2024 Sunday


The IFR WORLD WINNER male/female must take part in a DOPING TEST on the day of the show in this case : 02.06.2024!
If this fails or the result is positive, or the dog don’t participate in the doping test , the title of IFR World Winner will be