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To enter Hungary, all dogs must :

  • have valid vaccinations against rabies
  • be treated with anthelmintics against worms
  • be identified by microchip.

If from the EU States : only healthy, free from infectious disease dogs that have a duly completed Vet PASSPORT with valid vaccinations against rabies. 

The dog must  identified   by an electric transponder (microchip).


The valid vaccinations are interpretable after the following regulation:

576/2013/EU  ( 2. (second) „e“ point of the: III. annex).

From third Countries : only healthy, free from infectious disease dogs that have valid vaccinations against rabies.

The dog must  uniquely identified   with electric transponder (microchip) and after the 10. article of the   576/2013/EU regulation needs to have had a TITER test.  The conditions of the Titer testing can be read in the  IV. annex of the  576/2013/EU regulation.     The titer test is not necessary if the origin country is listed in the 1. or 2. part of the   577/2013/EU regulation’s II. annex.

If the third country of origin does not issue a VET passport that is accepted by the EU, then the dog must have a veterinary certificate as defined by the 577/2013/EU regulation.


Please do not take the risk of not being allowed to enter the country

and ask timely for information and see to it that the necessary health measures

are timely respected!