About us

Dear Rottweiler friends-lovers-breeders-owners all over the world!

Our  association named Hirös Magyar Rottweiler Egyesület (HMRE)  was found  in 2012 by some determined  and recognised dog experts. Organizing the association, establishing unity and working conditions were the main aims that year and all of them have been fulfilled by the founding members. We appreciate  the professional help and base of István Hajas FCI Rottweiler special judge ,our first President of the HMRE.

The first introducing event was a Club Winner show in 2013, where the special judge was Helmut Weiler by ADRK.              In 2014 – this was the time of changes in Hungarian cinologique life   – the association got a new leadership. The cinology changes made the legal, functional and prosfessional conditions of associations a little bit different than before.

Our association could not represent the Hungarian rottweiler breed in 2013-2014-2015.So the questions of breeding, judgement and establising  the conditions  were out of competence  this period. Our club tried to stay active with less  legitimacy. However in this hard period the ADRK e.v.  delegated us as an organizer of some popular events and supported us with their professionals and judges. We could show our ability that the Hungarian cinology life still exists and respectable.

In the same year on 6th September , the 1st id. Fekete László memorial dog show was organized – cooperating with Kecskemét local group of  MEOESz  and two-day long CACIB –  with Dieter Hoffmann and Frank Hedtke ADRK judges.

In 2015 a partnership contract was signed between ADRK e.v. and  HMRE , and our association became the member of ADRK WORLD FAMILY.

On 26 Sept 2015. the day before the national CAC dog show Kecskemét,the 2. id. Fekete László memorial dog show was arranged with the second Club Winner show where Helmut Weiler was the judge from ADRK.This year I made the tender of organizing 2017 ADRK World Winner Show and I won the right to make it true. This showed me the trust from the ADRK e.v. as a kind of sign that we are on the good way. As organizers we will do our best to organize the world show perfectly, without any troubles.It will be a huge responsibilty because exhibitors will come  with their dogs from all over the world.

In September 2016 many exhibitions were held in Kecskemét, together organised with the local association of the MEOESz(Hungarian Kennel Club)  such as the two-days long CACIB. The 3rd  id. Fekete László memorial  dog show with Uwe Petermann ADRK judge together with the CACIB Show Kecskemét, and the other day the third Club Winner Dog Show with Hans-Jürgen Radtke ADRK judge.                                                                                          

This year we got the opportunity  to make a tender and become a  breed caring association and in November we got the right to take care of the breed of Rottweiler. The success of our association proves the importance  of it in the Hungarian cinology life. We are doing our best to fulfil our aims to improve the breed and make it better in the future.

10 January 2017

László Fekete